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According to a recent poll on Fox News, voters are already starting to talk about which states the voter wants kicked out of the union. They conducted an interesting study asking the common voter a question such as, “What if you could boot other states out of the union? Surprisingly, almost 2x as many voters, 17% liked that idea. Secondly, the interview also asked voters, “Which state would be the 1st voted out of the union? The percentage out of the voter group that answered the question, fifty-three percent chose the Golden State. Coming in 2nd place, the state of New York was twenty-five percent and Texas came in at twenty percent. Last on the list of states to be voted out was Florida coming in at eleven percent. One of the voters, Chris Anderson, observed that most of the voters who wanted to have a state kicked out “appeared to have presidential politics in mind.” Anderson also stated that “the top 4 states targeted for expulsion, are the 4 most electronically rich states in the country.” Now some may argue this could be a biased opinion but by looking at the nature of the subject it is hard not to be. A major reason Democratic states end up on the slicing block of the Republicans, 21%, are more likely that Democrats at 13% to want to vote out a state. There was also additional information about Republicans and independents being 3x as likely as Democrats to want their state to secede. This is a very interesting poll but there should be more statistics with the poll by stating the total number participating and possibly demographics such as age and gender.


American Healthcare Act Plan Approved

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Trumps’ Policy Plan Overview for the First One Hundred Days as President


Here is a Nice Video on the Process for Voters


Looking Back when Obamacare was Getting Defensive


Healthcare Industry Worker Wages and Compensation Analysis

I am sure most people can remember the anticipation of the new health care reform policy coming in place from President Obama in 2014. Well the health care reform made it in place despite the major issues and confusion the website caused many Americans that are trying to avoid a tax penalty that will be owed if failure to sign up for bronze, silver, or gold option. The insurance premium fluctuates with the financial status of the individual and family. There still hasn’t been enough debate whether Obama’s plan has saved millions in healthcare. On the other hand, what is it like to be on the patient care side of Obamacare. When a person sighs up for a healthcare reform plan,a list of doctors are generally available on the insurance provider’s website. However, what about instances of a general trip to a hospital. Healthcare has still remained a strong industry due to the number of baby boomers needing medical treatment. Nowadays, the kids of the baby boomers are aspiring to be one of the highest paid healthcare jobs in America according to Among the highest paid right below a physician. How much does a physician assistant (PA) make? A physician assistant can expect to bring in around 100k in top paying states. The physician assistant or PA can first expect to complete a program from a list of top physician assistant schools in the United States. Some of the most popular states for physician assistant programs are California, Florida, and Texas. Next, the nurse practitioner is also a highly compensated healthcare worker that can be determined by the types of nurse practitioner (NP) specialties. How much does a nurse practitioner (NP) make? A nurse practitioner can also fetch a six figure salary which is around $50 dollars per hour in states such as California. Within the hospitals receiving new healthcare reform plans affect the registered nurse’s registered nurse. How much does a registered make an hour? A registered nurse also brings around 50k in common states which is between$25-30 dollars per hour. Based on research from, some of the how to become a nurse in 4 steps include attending a nursing school and program, even better if attending on of the top nursing schools list for 2017, passing the nursing exam, and performing clinicals at a local hospital. The best nursing schools in the US typically have been awarded with an accreditation from nursing associations. With Obamacare, what about the cost of RX drugs that will be needed by new health care reform participants. Luckily, the pharmacist still remains a strong healthcare comp package. How much does a pharmacist make an hour? A pharmacist can respectively earn a cool 100k+ every year which is around $50+ dollars per hour. Pharmacists may have a slight decrease for a job outlook but pharmacists that attend one of the top pharmacy schools and programs can increase his or her odds. With a growing number of insurance holders because of the mandatory healthcare insurance law, many doctors offices are expecting a huge increase in the number of “walk-in” patients. Next, how much does a medical assistant make? Medical assistant’s can expect to earn an average of $15-16 dollars per hour. There will be a major demand for experienced medical assistants that also earn a reasonable amount but the medical assistant compensation can also be more attractive from a “self-insured” organization that provides cheaper medical insurance. CVS pharmacy has seen a big increase in hiring for 2016. One of the top jobs in demand for pharmacies is a pharmacy technician. How much does a pharmacy technician make? A pharmacy technician can expect to earn a estimated $15 dollars per hour. A pharmacy tech salary will continue to rise as the increase of franchise stores such as CVS and Walgreens grow across the United States. A pharmacy tech only needs a certificate to be eligible to apply for a job which can be attained by any top pharmacy technician schools and programs online or across the United States. One of the benefits of working as a pharmacy technician is the advancement opportunity to attend a school from a list of pharmacy schools in the United States. One the pharmacy tech completes a pharmacy program, he or she can take the exam to become a pharmacist. In addition to pharmacy tech’s, other healthcare job seekers may wonder about how much does a physical therapist (PT) make?. A physical therapist can expect to earn an average of $42 dollars per hour. A physical therapist or PT helps patients rehabilitate from injuries or conditions that may require a part of the body to recover. A physical therapist needs a bachelor degree and he or she must pass the PT exam to practice. Most students will research the top physical therapy schools and (PT) programs to make sure the chances of landing a physical therapist job is maximized. Among the diagnostic medical sonographers, an ultrasound technician has become one of the most sought after healthcare careers since the sonographer education requirements is usually not as long as becoming a registered nurse. How much does an ultrasound technician make? An ultrasound tech can expect to earn an average of $34+ dollars per hour. The biggest question for ultrasound technician student seekers is an ultrasound tech salary. The salary of an ultrasound technician will be determined on the type of medical diagnostic role, geo area, and years of experience. However, ultrasound techs can expect to pull in at least sixty grand per year. In addition, an other healthcare occupation that requires a minimal amount of training to work in healthcare is a phlebotomist. A phlebotomist salary is generally higher for workers in outpatient or specialty clinics since the industry is typical for profit. How much does a phlebotomist make? A phlebotomist can earn around $16+ per hour but can also make a higher wage working in a floating position that has no health benefits but a higher flat dollar amount per hour. Lastly, the nursing home facilities have continued to grow over the past few years with the increasing number of baby boomer retiring. Nursing assistants have become certified to ensure compliance and state standards. How much does a CNA make? is a common question for potential nursing assistant students that see the demand for nursing assistants across the United States. A CNA can expect to earn a rate of $13+ dollars per hour. The best paying industries for certified nursing assistant are government and related federal facilities. Nursing homes will also be in high demand with the continual rise of baby boomers retiring over the next decade.


Financial Challenge For Healthcare Reform

With the BLS or United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, accounting education, and, accounting jobs are playing and important role in healthcare facilities and hospitals across the states. With Obamacare approaching soon, it is important for labor and taxes to be checked and in compliance to make sure workers are placed in the correct status to receive proper healthcare insurance. Types of accountants in a hospital is just as important in a major software company states The GAAP rules apply to every type of organization whether the business or service exists to be for-profit or not-for-profit. Since hospitals can have several tax id’s and units, auditors, financial and managerial accountants are imperative for the survival of an organization. There will be a number of accountants and financial analysts tracking the revenues and reimbursement income from healthcare insurance providers. What does an accountant do in the future will depend on the number of of financial bottlenecks as an effect from the new healthcare reform act and will definitely increase the accountant salary. However, for a certified public accountant or (CPA), what does a CPA do will differ from a regular accountant by the higher market that a CPA is demanded for. A CPA will generally handle small business and personal accounts. In addition, a CPA firm may also have a bookkeeper as an assistant. For bookkeeping, the bookkeeper job description and salary will typically be based on more of their assistant role to a CPA, accounting firm, and mainly small businesses. A bookkeeper will generally record financial entries and assist or manage payroll. A bookkeeper job description and salary is still considered complex or competitive within the accounting industry although the job requires less credentials. Although a bookkeeper may have less credentials, they are still a core part of accounting. On the analysis side of accounting & finance, the financial analyst plays a crucial role with analyzing financial data. A financial analyst job description can be determined from their job duties that may include analyzing financial data, preparing financial data for executives, and organizing financial data for strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.


FDA Approved Drugs For Receding Hairline Treatment

Over the years there has always been a big following of top pharmaceutical companies patenting promising cures for popular hair and skin conditions which has been covered by the American Council for Hair Loss in the past. The only FDA products for preventing and regrowing hair is Propecia or Finasteride, Minoxidil or Rogaine, and the laserband & lasercomb devices made by HairMax. According to this top 5 receding hairline treatments resource study from’s hair loss treatments site, their HairMax Laserband & Lasercomb Guide for laser devices suggest this treatment actually does work depending on the response from the patient losing their hair. Finasteride for hair loss is an ant-androgen hair loss drug made specifically for men that lowers the amount of DHT found on the patient’s scalp. Overtime, with the slowed production of DHT, hair follicles receive the blood and nutrients it needs to grow and Finasteride effective with this method. Minoxidil for hair loss is also another important receding hairline treatment that stimulates the follicles to regrow on the scalp. This topical comes in a foam and liquid application which needs to be used at least twice a day. Laser hair growth with Hairmax’s lasercomb technology is another FDA approved treatment that uses photo-light therapy to stimulate hair follicles. Some people experiencing hair loss will often resort to more natural treatments such as vitamins and supplements which can be used for hair growth. The top vitamins for hair growth can be found in supplements such as Biotin, MSM, Omega-3, Zinc, and Saw Palmetto. Biotin has been long known for its plant based medicine that helps grow hair thicker. In addition, MSM is a sulfur based hair growth vitamin that is believed to make the hair grow faster on the scalp. Omega-3 and Zinc are also another hair growth vitamin the has been around for ages being in every known multivitamin. Lastly, the best vitamin for hair loss in men is Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto for hair loss is covered on and states saw palmetto is known as nature’s Propecia and is believed to lower DHT levels like finasteride. Along with vitamins for hair growth, the top hair loss, growth shampoo for hair can be found with known brands such as Nizoral, Tea Tree Oils, Apple Cider Vinegar washes and some copper peptides. One of the best thickening shampoos is Pure Abundance by Aveda. As of 2015, organic hair loss products have become in high demand due patients seeking natural treatment. In regard to shampoo for hair loss, there are paraben & sulfate free shampoo that are free of harsh sulfates and parabens that can actually irritate the scalp. There is a natural supplement that can be used as hair rinse. Apple cider vinegar hair rinse are benefits covered on that describe apple cider vinegar purifies the scalp and hair by removing excess oil and debris that can keep hair from growing in regular cycles. An interesting industry sector of hair loss is concealers. In addition to apple cider vinegar, there around top 7 natural hair growth remedies that can be used to grow hair such as juicing, scalp massages, vitamins, and hair masks made of organic supplements. Between Toppik & Dermmatch reviews on’s hair loss concealer guide, the market is a toss up between Dermmatch and Toppik. The difference between these hair loss concealers is that Dermmatch uses a topical technique and Toppik uses keratin fibers that are applied to the hair to make the hair appear thicker. Several receding hairline patients are curious about seeing a guide to using minoxidil which shows minoxidil or Rogaine before and after results to make sure investing in products such as Rogaine is worth the investment.


New Year Makes For New Job Searches

January 2017 will see a major spike in online job searches such as places hiring near me for people looking for a job change as a New Year Resolution. The infamous job hunt has changed from circling a newspaper job ad to multi-million user job boards all accessed online with a job seekers fingertip. According to, their found that Tuesday is the highest amount of traffic the site gets each week for the job search term jobs near me. Some of the top job industries will be retail, healthcare, accounting & finance, information technology, and information technology. Local jobs near you can be done more efficiently with job aggregators that uses an advanced platform that pull multiple API feed lists in realtime from the top job boards such as Monster, Indeed, CareerJet, and Simply Hired which cuts the job search in half for the user and displays all of the latest job postings from these top job boards. The traveling sector of the job market has increased in 2015. Many job seekers are looking to ditch the 9-5 cubicle jobs or a traveling job. For traveling job seekers, finds travel jobs based on the top job careers that require travel. Travel job seekers can quickly find the latest traveling jobs across the United States using their traveling jobs engine. Top cities for travel jobs include San Diego, Phoenix, Miami, Houston, and Atlanta according to the job site.


Finding Rental Cars Near You is a Necessity for Transportation

Nearby car rental services like Rental Cars near Me have made it simple for travelers whether on a business or leisure trip find car rentals near me. Renting a car for transportation can be a stressful task because of lengthy paperwork, locations, and choosing what type of car to rent. A person that is renting a car should carefully research each make, model, and price. It is important a renter to make sure they can get the best deal. Using rental car search websites such as can cut that research time in half. Top rental car companies include Hertz, Dollar, Avis, and Alamo. One of the biggest tips for locating car rentals near you is the timing of the reservation. Renters can get a cheaper price depending on the time of day because of the supply and demand of the car rental company. Therefore, it does not hurt for a renter to do some proactive online research to make sure the right car is rented for the right price. According to’s car rental tips page, what do you need to rent a car is the top asked question. The most common requirements for renting a car a renter must be at least 21 year old, 25 to avoid fees, have a valid driver’s license, and a major credit card or debit card with a credit check. Some of the top locations for rental car demand are Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, and Los Angeles. Data from car rentals in Las Vegas show a high demand because of the cities highest attraction for entertainment. In Vegas, having a car rental and hotel are the two most imperative bookings that are needed because of the large volumes of tourists. Next, statistics from car rentals in Miami show that rentals are booked at a high rate because similar to Las Vegas, Miami is a top getaway tropical destination where a hotel and rental car is needed. By renting a car, vacationers can travel to close locations such of the Florida Keys. Also in the state of Florida and having a high rental car demand is the city of Orlando. Next, data analysis from car rentals in Orlando indicate a need because of the large influx of cultures and diversities seeking popular theme parks such as Universal Studios and Disney World. Unfortunately, these theme parks can be miles apart and having a rental car gives tourists freedom to drive on their own terms. Finally, the sunny region of Los Angeles is another large metro area that car rentals are needed to for tourists to have the ability to drive to popular places from the LAX airport such as Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. Also data from car rentals in Los Angeles suggest the need for bookings far in advance due to the large number of people on business and vacationers that want to drive to all the famous locations around LA. Another major rental car booking sector for California stats, car rentals in San Francisco show the importance of renting from travelers because just past the Golden Gate Bridge, a car rental can enable vacationers to explorer Northern or Southern California on their own travel time. San Francisco is relatively a small concentrated location but is just miles within other major cities and landmarks a renter can travel to during the vacation.


LPN Programs & Schools State Funding

There are a number of states that are encouraging people to enter the nursing field based on research from at With thousands of baby boomers retiring each day, the demand for nursing jobs such as a LPN are being backed with financial assistance to complete programs. LPN programs in Ohio by City are in high demand for LPN’s or Licensed Practical Nurses because of the LPN jobs market in Ohio. The LPN is also a stepping stone for current LPN nursed to become RN’s or Registered Nurses according to This is good push for more healthcare workers in the states such as Ohio because the healthcare industry will continue to grow with the demand of care for baby boomers. Therefore, making it more accessible and affordable for people to attend a LPN program and school will help this industry grow at the pace it needs. There will be a push for more flexible LPN and Nursing schools since people need a work and life balance schedule. Many LPN students would like the ability to go to take LPN classes online or with flexible hours on campus. In Ohio, there a several top cities that offer great LPN and Nursing programs in cities such as Canton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and Toledo.


Controversial RC Helicopter and Quadcopters For Research

It has become at least a monthly topic in the news with the FAA regulations with drone/quadcopters flying near public areas. Some of the best quadcopter models are fully equipped with GPS navigation, video footage, and still-shot capability as reported by RC helicopter & quadcopter models for 2017 from The FAA really doesn’t have a problem with these small UAV’s as long as they are flown well away from nearby airports and private airplane runways. It is also believed that the FAA is capable of detecting these small aircraft’s from satellite imagery which can give the pilot more comfort with flying the quadcopters. However, some of the best quadcopters are being flown indoors to aid in special effect lighting. Most of the quadcopter technology has been created by engineers at MIT. Recently in the news, there was some controversy about using the quadcopters for school research but the issue has seemed to be resolved. Similar to quadcopters, the best RC helicopter is also coming equipped with cameras, wifi, and still-shot images. The major difference between the quadcopter and RC helicopter is the size. A RC helicopter generally will not interfere with any airwaves since most of not flown at the same height of the quadcopter. According to, there are small RC helicopters being used by the military for video surveillance. We think that the use of quadcopters and RC helicopters are harmless as long as they are in compliance with the FAA and are not used to invade privacy.